No needles. no mail-in. no additional equipment.

Proov at-home test kits

Proov Predict & Confirm
Predict peak fertility with LH & confirm ovulation with PdG

Predict & Confirm

Increase chances of conception by monitoring for a luteinizing hormone surge in the follicular phase and then confirm successful ovulation with PdG in the luteal phase.

Proov Complete
Gather full cycle insights with FSH, E1G, LH, and PdG


In addition to understanding ovarian reserve with FSH, increase chances of conception by detecting both E1G and LH during the follicular phase. 

Then, monitor progesterone, via PdG, across the luteal phase and implantation window to confirm successful ovulation.

Proov Confirm
confirm SUCCESSFUL ovulation with PdG


Monitor progesterone, via PdG, across the entire implantation window for a more comprehensive picture of luteal phase health vs. a single time point.


Ovulation insights to inform treatment plans

Possible Outcomes and treatment options

At the end of your patient’s cycle, our free Insight App translates PdG test results and patterns into an Ovulation Score. A high ovulation score is indicative of successful ovulation whereas a lower score might indicate weak ovulation or an anovulatory cycle.

Ovulation Scores_successful-1

Successful ovulation

Score 81-100

If a woman has been unsuccessful in conceiving but appears to be ovulating, these results might inform additional investigation such as an HSG to determine if tubes are clear, ensure no growth in uterus, or perhaps a partner’s sperm test.

Ovulation Scores_low PdG

Ovulated, but light PdG

score 61-80

Luteal phase progesterone support may be needed if PdG levels are not sustained throughout the entire implantation window or in the case of a Luteal Phase Deficiency.

Ovulation Scores_low

Weak or unsuccessful ovulation

Score 0-60
An ovulation inducing medication might be needed to help trigger ovulation.